Loki the Llama Free Amigurumi Pattern

Crochet Llama Pattern Free | Amigurumi alpaca

I’ve been wanting to design a fuzzy animal for a long time, and this llama crochet pattern was just the opportunity I needed. My dislike for working with fuzzy yarn coupled with the fact that many people don’t have access to specialty yarns, spurred me to create a fluffy animal with standard acrylic yarn that …

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Sage the Sheep Free Amigurumi Pattern

Crochet Sheep Pattern Free | Amigurumi Lamb

I didn’t choose the yarn, the yarn chose me. When I saw Yarn Bee Velvety Smooth Aran on the shelves during a recent Hobby Lobby run, it called to me. It practically jumped into my basket and begged me to turn it into soft, snuggly sheep’s wool. Who am I to impede the dreams of …

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Paisley the Pig Free Amigurumi Pattern

Crochet Pig Pattern Free Amigurumi

Which Jess Huff pattern is the easiest? This question comes up a lot in my Facebook group: Crochet with Jess Huff. Until now, my answer was Esther the Elephant. Here are the reasons why: The head begins with a simple magic ring, rather than a chain start/oval shape It only requires two colors There are …

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Caroline the Cow Free Amigurumi Pattern

Crochet Cow Pattern Free Amigurumi

I had an embarrassing nickname growing up… 😳 Before I became Jess Huff, my last name was Barnard. On my elementary school playground, some clever 8-year-old thought to call me “Barnyard,” and my fate was sealed. I was mooed at for many a year! When I got married, I wasn’t sad to ditch my maiden …

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Harriet the Hippo Free Amigurumi Pattern

Crochet Hippo Pattern Free Amigurumi

I made lots of rookie mistakes designing this hippo. In the previous version of the pattern, many of the pieces had to be made separately—then sewn together—when they could have been crocheted together as one piece. No more crocheting the snout to the head! 🎉 I’ve updated this hippo pattern to be as simple as possible.

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