Frequently Asked Questions

I’m having trouble understanding your pattern. Can you help me?

I am not available to answer questions about my patterns one-on-one, but please feel free to post your question in my Facebook group. We have thousands of members with experience making my patterns who are happy to help.

How do I assemble my animal?

Be sure to check out my handy tutorials page! If you have an assembly question that isnt answered there, try posting in my Facebook group.

Can I sell what I make with your patterns?

Yes! You are more than welcome to sell whatever you create using my patterns, and no credit is required (but always appreciated!).

Can you make a pattern for …?

I have quite the backlog of patterns I’d like to make, and am not taking new requests at this time. However, I may occasionally take a poll in my Facebook group to see which new patterns have the most demand. Be sure to join to have your vote considered!

May I use your patterns for my crochet-along (CAL)?

Yes. Please make sure I am prominently credited as the pattern designer, with a link back to the original pattern on my website. For mystery CALs, it’s okay to withhold the pattern credit information until the end.

Do you sell your finished animals?

Not at this time, but thank you for your interest!