How to Attach a Tail with the Loop Stitch

Learn how to attach a tail while crocheting the body of your Loop Stitch amigurumi project.

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Video Transcript:

This is Jess from In this video, I’ll show you how to attach the tail as you’re crocheting the body of your Loop Stitch amigurumi project.

Soon, I’ll be doing a similar tutorial for patterns made with a standard single crochet. I’ll link to that tutorial in the video description when it’s available.

At this point, you should have crocheted rounds 1 – 10 of the body, including attaching the legs where indicated.

You should also have a completed tail that has been slip stitched closed with the yarn tail hidden inside the work.

The next step is marking stitches on the body, that will show us where to attach the tail as we’re crocheting round 11.

Our tail has five slip stitches across the top, so we’ll mark off five stitches centered between the legs on the opposite side of the round.

Make sure you check the work from all angles, to make sure that that tail is going to be centered between the legs.

I think this looks pretty good, so we’ll start crocheting round 11.

Just like all the rounds on the body, round 11 will be done in the Loop Stitch. Crochet around until you hit the first marker for the tail.

Remove the first stitch marker. Insert your hook through the next stitch on the body, Then through the first slip stitch at the top of the tail.

Now we’re going to Loop Stitch across, Through all five stitches. We have now attached our tail. And you can crochet the rest of the round as normal.

We have now completed round 11 with an attached tail, and you can complete the rest of the body as the pattern is written.

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