How to Tack Down Amigurumi Legs

Learn how to tack down the legs of your amigurumi dinosaur or dragon. This allows the legs to lay flat against the body.

Video Transcript:

This is Jess from In this video, I’ll show you how to tack down the legs of my free amigurumi crochet pattern, Dan the Dinosaur.

As you can see, it looks pretty silly to have the legs flopping around. We’ll fix this by tacking down the legs to the dinosaur’s body.

Start by cutting a yarn strand about two feet long, and thread one end through a yarn needle.

Use a marker to mark the inside-center of the thigh.

Then mark where that mark touches the body.

Repeat this process for the other leg, and other side of the body.

Secure the yarn to the mark on the first leg with a knot, leaving a six inch tail.

Pass the needle through the first mark on the body, and exit it through the mark on the opposite side of the body.

Pass the needle under the marked stitch on the second leg. Then pass the needle through the body again.

Pass the needle under the marked stitch on the leg of this side.

Repeat this process on both sides, pulling the yarn taut with each pass.

Tie off with a knot to the initial yarn tail, then hide both yarn tails inside the work.

Complete the remainder of your dino as the pattern is written.

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