No More Droopy Heads (Part 2): How to Add a Dowel for Support

Do your amigurumi projects suffer from droopy heads? Stop the wobble by inserting a crocheted dowel through the neck and head.

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Video Transcript:

This is Jess from In this video, I’ll show you how to attach a head to a body after inserting a dowel to support to the head and neck.

At this point, you should have a completed and stuffed body with a very long tail attached, about the width of your arm span.

You should also have a completed crocheted dowel, about eight inches long. Finally, you should have a completed and stuffed head with a hole in the bottom for inserting the dowel.

I have my body stuffed firmly, up to about the arms. And the neck is not stuffed, because the dowel will take up the full width of the neck, and there’s no room for stuffing.

So what we want to do is get the dowel about two-thirds down inside the neck and body.

And then you want to put your fingers inside the hole of the head, and separate the stuffing, so there’s room for the dowel to go up inside.

Then insert the top of the dowel inside the head. And make sure that your head is on straight. I think that’s pretty good.

The nice thing about the dowel is it holds the head in place as you’re sewing, so it’s a lot easier to keep the head on straight as you sew.

Next, thread the end of the tail on the body through a yarn needle. Flip the project over. And you’ll see the tail is attached to the body here.

So I’m just gonna go around, and attach the stitches at the top of the body, to the stitches around the hole.

And the last row of the body has twenty-four stitches, and the hole has eighteen stitches around.

So, it won’t line up stitch-for-stitch, but just do your best. And I’ll try to show you what I’m doing here.

I recommend leaving your stitches kind of loose. And then at the end we’ll make sure everything is on straight.

And once we’ve checked to make sure everything is straight, we can go through and tighten those stitches.

And honestly, this doesn’t have to be perfect because it’s not going to show anyway. I’m going to skip to the end of the sewing. Feel free to pause the video and I’ll meet you at the end.

Okay, so as you can see, I’ve sewn around. And my head looks like it’s on pretty straight. So I’m going to go ahead and tighten down my stitches.

So what I do is I insert my needle through the front of a stitch, and pull down to tighten it. Make room for my finger, and pull down.

And you want to pull these really tight. As tight as you can get it without breaking your strand of yarn. And try to keep these loops out of your stitches as well.

Okay, we are done tightening down our stitches. Let’s make sure the head still looks like it’s straight on. I think so, I think we’re good. So, let’s fasten off.

We’re going to secure this with a knot. And then we’re going to hide the tail inside the work, and trim off the excess.

Congratulations. You have just completed an adorable loopy llama. If you found this video helpful, please hit the thumbs-up button.

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