How to Add a Mouth to Your Amigurumi Animal (No Sewing!)

Learn how to crochet a bottom lip, then attach it while crocheting the head of your amigurumi animal. No sewing required!

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Video Transcript:

This is Jess from In this video, I’ll show you how to attach the bottom lip as you’re crocheting the head of my free amigurumi pattern, Dante the Dragon.

I’ve included a link to this pattern in the video description.

At this point, your head should be completed to the end of round ten. You should also have completed all the rounds of the bottom lip.

If you haven’t already, fasten off leaving a 12-inch yarn tail.

Then we’re going to pinch the final round together and we’re going to slip stitch through both layers all the way across.

Insert your hook through the first stitch of the round, then through the last stitch of the round.

Yarn over and draw through the strand to complete the first slip stitch.

Hide the remaining yarn tail inside the work.

Your bottom lip is now ready to attach.

It will be crocheted into the head as you complete round 11. Let’s do this round together.

Single crochet in the first 17 stitches of the round.

1, 2, 3 … 15, 16, 17.

Now, for the next ten stitches, we will be single crocheting through the slip stitches on the bottom lip and through the next ten stitches of the head.

Insert your hook through the first slip stitch, then through the next stitch on the head, and complete a single crochet.

Do this in the next nine stitches.

To complete the round, single crochet in the remaining three stitches.

Complete the remainder of the head as your pattern is written.

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