Tail Tutorial for Dash the Deer

Learn how to crochet together the top and bottom pieces of the tail for my free amigurumi pattern, Dash the Deer.

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Video Transcript:

This Jess from jesshuff.com. In this video, I’ll show you how to make the tail for my amigurumi pattern – Dash the Deer.

If you haven’t already, crochet the top and bottom sides of the tail, complete with an Invisible Finish, and the tails woven into the back of the work.

Next, line up the pieces with the wrong sides together. Now we’re going to attach the two circles together by single crocheting around both pieces.

Create a slip knot on your hook with light brown yarn. With the light brown side facing up, insert your hook through both loops of a stitch on the light brown circle and only the front loop of a stitch on the cream circle.

Single crochet to create a Standing Start. Then single crochet in each of the remaining stitches around, inserting your hook through both loops of the brown circle and only the front loop on the cream circle.

Fasten off, leaving a tail of about 18 inches. Now, we’re going to fold the tail in half like a taco and combine the first four stitches of the round to the last four stitches of the round.

Insert your hook into the first stitch of the round, then through the last stitch of the round, and slip stitch using the tail.

Slip stitch again in the next stitch. Slip stitch again two more times.

After you’ve done your fourth slip stitch, fasten off. Thread the tail through a yarn needle and pass the tail under your slip stitches and through the other side.

Hide the first tail inside the work. Now your tail is ready to attach at a later step. Thanks for watching!