How to Indent Amigurumi Eyes

Learn how to make an adorable, life-like amigurumi character by sculpting the face before inserting the safety eyes.

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Video Transcript:

This is Jess from In this video, I’ll show you how to create eye indents on your amigurumi projects.

For this tutorial, you will need an amigurumi head that is mostly completed—and firmly stuffed—but still attached to your working yarn.

You will complete the final rounds and close up the head after creating the eye indents and adding in the eyes.

You will also need:

Start by taking your strand of yarn and making a big tight knot at the end. You want to make sure it’s big enough that it won’t pull through any holes between the stitches inside the head.

Thread the other end of your strand through the yarn needle and set it aside.

Take your head and create eye indents with your thumbs where you’re considering placing your safety eyes.

Look at it from all angles and make adjustments as necessary.

Some patterns will indicate where you should place your safety eyes and should already be marked at this stage.

If you’re using a pattern that does not tell you where to put the eyes, use your own judgment and mark the stitches you think will look best.

I prefer to do this with a disappearing ink marker but you can also use stitch markers or strands of yarn inserted with a yarn needle, if you prefer.

Once x marks the spot, insert the yarn needle connected to the strand of yarn through the back of the head and exit it through one of the marked stitches.

Make sure the knot inside the head is snug up against the back of the stitch.

Now we’re going to insert the needle on the other side of the marked stitch, and exit the needle next to the marked stitch on the other side of the face.

We are going to repeat this process by inserting the needle on the other side of this stitch and exiting it out on the other side of the face next to the first marked stitch.

If you pull your yarn tight, you’ll see that there are now indents where both of the eyes will be going.

Pass your needle through the eye indents a few more times, keeping your yarn taut as you go.

It’s important to note that the yarn making the indents will loosen over time, so you may want to make your indents a little deeper than you would normally.

When you’re happy with your indents, make a knot right next to the marked stitch and hide the tail inside the head.

Next, insert your safety eyes over the marked stitches. In which exact stitch doesn’t really matter; You just need to think it looks good!

When you’re happy with the placement, reach into the head and secure the backing onto each eye. Make sure they’re on nice and tight.

Now you have cute, indented eyes on your amigurumi project. Thanks for watching!